Working on the renovation of the Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady in , Macau, was a very unique project for R&M International Stone for more reasons than one.  Nearly 400 years ago the original church was built as a small wooden chapel.  The cathedral was later built in stone in 1850 and then with concrete in 1937, and in 2005 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Therefore, the historic magnitude of this building was unique. 

The scope and complexity of the work was what also made this a unique project.  R&M Stone combine the colorful glass pcs together,it become a very beautiful verisimilitude photo. The IESU IN GE CONFIDO is 3440mm long with 5220mm in height. Even with this glass mosaic tiles particle,we check the colors how to transition very naturally and make sure it’s right now. Each small gap, the shades, we did our efforts to complish a very successful painting.